Our Work: Peroni Amici Dinner

Excellent food and Peroni – sounds good, right? We decided the only thing that sounds better is if the two were combined… So we did just that at the first of our Amici dinners.

Peroni aims to bring style to the world of beer and what says style more than seven influencers with backgrounds in fashion, design, gastronomy, business and the arts? We chose seven influencers from Barcelona and Madrid and invited them along to enjoy an evening of eating and drinking – all things Peroni of course!

So, who was cooking the food? Well-known Spanish Chef, Miquel Antoja. Known for his excellent cooking skills and his work with other big brands, he cooked the Peroni infused menu while the influencers shared stories to their followers. The menu consisted of five courses all cooked with the beer. To start, he cooked flamed prawn taco, sweet chili and Peroni, followed by dishes consisting of wild sea bass, Peroni chutney, banana and mangetout, and chocolate textures with Peroni.

Federico Riezzo, Peroni ambassador and mixologist also attended the event. His expert knowledge of the brand played a huge part on the evening. It is important that the influencers not only know what Peroni tastes like, but that they know exactly what the brand is about. 

We needed somewhere to actually host this event and thankfully we found the perfect space: Let’s Drunch Barcelona. We were able to decorate the venue so that from the minute the guests arrived in the elevator they were greeted with Peroni branded signs. Once they reached the room, the simple, elegant flowers and decorations reflected exactly what Peroni aims to be – stylish and sophisticated!

From the invitations to the gift, everything was made personal to the influencers. We sent the invitations in empty Peroni bottles and when they arrived at the venue we had personalised menus and gift bags filled with premium Italian treats.

Starting to think of all the ways we could help your brand? Take all the time you need… Meanwhile, here at Zoom we’ll be sharing our ideas and the next big project over a crisp, cold bottle of Peroni!

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