The Zoom Agency agrees deal with Visit Mars to promote interplanetary tourism

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Zoom Agency today are thanking their lucky stars after signing a meteoric agreement with Visit Mars.

The official tourism body of the second smallest planet in our solar system was pleased with the stellar presentation Zoom put together at lightspeed after entering the space race rather late.

The agency beat away other galactic-sized agencies thanks to their star ideas, enthusiasm and excellent track record of creating great travel campaigns on behalf of other clients like Atlantic Airways and Voyage Prive.

The new campaign, ‘Mars – That Place in Space’, is set to launch with a big bang next month and will hyperdrive a message of accessibility and activities on the planet that’s just “one sleep away” according to a shuttle firm’s anesthetist. The Zoom Agency will handle all PR and digital marketing activities including influencer marketing.

Visit Mars seeks to capitalise on the huge rise in exploratory travel thanks to experience-sharing and FOMO-inducing platforms like Instagram that make places appear better than they actually are. ‘Unchartered’ travel has particularly seen an uptick in demand as people try to escape the daily hustle and bustle of their stressful lives. Those who want to get away from it all can now really get away from all of it. Them. The other humans.

“We feel like we’ve been in a black hole up until now. None of our locations are even registered on Instagram,” said a spokesmartian of Visit Mars.

“We really do want more visitors here! We’ve seen various robot landings since 100001971, both successful and unsuccessful. Most recently from robotic explorers called Curiosity and Insight,” he laughed, “but they’ve been landing on the wrong side of the planet! There’s nothing over there! We all hate that place! It’s so desolate!”

Genuinely concerned by this lack of knowledge, Visit Mars, will spend an equivalent of 10% of its GDP on social media ads to boost awareness and drive starship traffic. The communication also aims to quieten the conspiracy theorists who consistently state that an earth invasion is imminent. Through carefully timed PR releases coupled with influencer marketing, The Zoom Agency will work with Visit Mars to make the planet relatable and desirable.

“Don’t worry about an invasion! We’ve been to earth a whole bunch and it’s nice and stuff but it’s so old fashioned,” said the young son of the Visit Mars CEO and self-appointed CMO, “we need to show you guys what technology really is! You still actually carry phones in your hands and stare down at them all day! Haha! What is that about? We call you ‘Bentnecks’; and we want your attention! You could learn a thing or two from us.”

Mars has been a buzz topic for a while. The likes of Elon Musk are looking to colonize the red planet in the near future, but the Mars Majesty said there was no chance of that happening and that everyone should work together to “come in peace” so they can “go home in one piece”.

Zoom will set up a satellite office on the ground to collect data from multiple behavioral-tracking beacons and send back to earth to retarget friends of visitors. The hope to capture not just a global but universal audience’s attention.

“Landing Visit Mars really has been a ray of light for us at Zoom,” declared Ben Walker, Founder of The Zoom Agency, “we can definitely say that they will go on to become a star client of ours. The whole thing is just outta this world!”

The Zoom Agency promises to inject some oxygen into what has so far been very arid communication through government agencies like NASA who have failed to highlight the fun that could be had there. The marketing firm, with offices in Barcelona and London, will also work with local businesses to get them Instagram-ready!

“We really just want to create a good atmosphere for earthlings to enjoy,” owner of Nova Mars restaurant confessed, “I’m certain everyone will enjoy the Milky Way, our signature dish! So don’t be an alien, bring your landers to our lands.”

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