Where is social media headed?

Many people are speculating about what 2018 will bring for social media and all things technology. How can apps keep improving at such a fast rate? Will Facebook continue with success or will its be displaced by Instagram as the most popular social networking site?

Here are a few things we predict will happen in 2018 for social media:

  1. Erosion of organic reach

Paid advertising will become even more popular as brands will become dependent on paid likes and publications to maintain an audience. Bad news for brands or an opportunity to make what you post count for more?

2.  Growth of ephemeral content

Posts that last for a short period of term before being deleted will become more popular. This is because people scroll through their newsfeed so quickly that they want fast, snappy information. By posting short but effective posts which have a ‘shelf-life’, they can get the information across without becoming boring.

3. Growth of Augmented/Virtual Reality

The advertising industry is set to move towards AR/VR as a way of giving consumers a more direct experience of their brand. Who will do it the best is our next question…Facebook have already claimed they want to begin by using fully immersive AR techniques.

4. Image recognition-triggered ads

Twitter has been exploring new advertising campaign techniques where you can take a photo of an advert and Twitter responds to the tweet almost instantaneously with what the product is. This will make advertising a more two-way street between consumers and producers.

These are our predictions for 2018 but who knows what will happen! So, how can The Zoom Agency help your brand in the upcoming year to maintain its success and reach new heights on social media?


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