Fiji water, one sip forward

Fiji water took the Golden Globes 2018 as their opportunity to introduce their new ad campaign to the world.

The upmarket filtered water company pledged its allegiance with women in the film industry at the Golden Globes recently. It has claimed that at all upcoming film award ceremonies, for every photo of a famous person that is taken at the event, the brand will donate $1,000 to American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women.

Through using its position on the red carpet to promote women’s rights and enhance their power within the film industry, Fiji water is promoting both itself and a worthy cause which we think is impressive.

The company claims that this campaign is in response to underrepresentation of women at film award ceremonies and hopes that this can go some way in improving statistics. Only 4% of all directors across the top 1,100 films between 2007-2017 were female.


We say keep up the good work Fiji water and hats off to them!

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