The ultimate guide to Barcelona, by the experts

Collectively, we speak over 10 languages at the Zoom office, including Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic. This makes us great at communication and broadens our span of knowledge to cover global markets as well as understanding how different places respond to different social media strategies. But ultimately, Barcelona is where our heart remains. We are all lucky enough to live and work in the city, but for visitors who don’t know Barcelona it can often feel daunting.

That’s where ShBarcelona comes in. ShBarcelona is a dynamic, multi-use real estate company that knows Barcelona inside and out just like us! It’s trusted by thousands, offering a premium service for those looking to live a luxurious lifestyle in this Spanish city. Whether it’s a weekly rental, monthly rental, short-term or long-term rental, trust in this company to find you a property that suits your every need.

It doesn’t stop there. It’s easy to find yourself wasting time reading generic articles telling you about the main attractions of a city. The ShBarcelona blog offers alternative, in-depth information about aspects of Barcelona that no other website out there provides. From the best fresh smoothie recommendations to flat rentals all the way to new startups and where the best skiing in Andorra can be found. Real, relevant information that is interesting is hard to come by. Check out their blog!

So, if you know of a business that needs help breaking the Spanish market or if you are searching for your ideal home, we know just the right companies for you!

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