Audience targeting in a digital age

Every brand will have a target audience in mind from the outset when building their brand image. Knowing who this bracket of people is is essential for ensuring your content suits their needs. Everything from their likes, dislikes and shopping habits to who they socialise with most and how they like to receive information must all be considered when adapting your marketing strategy to this group.

Something brands now have to contend with is how to target these people in the new era of technology that continues to evolve and expand. 2017 saw ad budgets increasing by the largest amount for over ten years. Social media has allowed both brands and consumers to communicate with each other in an instantaneous way while new information on results and analytics mean audience insights has become more accessible. This all means that brands must learn to use social media platforms to reach prescribed audiences.

However, it isn’t always as simple as this. Brands have to be particularly careful with putting people into categorised groups when we live in such a diverse and interconnected world. Younger generations are now more aware of stereotypes than any of their predecessors, meaning advertising must adapt and modernise with society. This means advertising campaigns aimed at specific groups must be considerate of all groups in society and avoid any form of marginalisation.

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