Where it all went wrong for some…

2017 has seen trends in marketing and social media transform yet again, with video use and virtual reality on the rise continually. But it hasn’t been plain sailing for everyone, with some serious marketing fails along the way…including:

  1. Pepsi’s ‘Live for Now’ ad featuring Kendall Jenner joining some form of protest. Putting your brand in the middle of social issues is never a good start Pepsi…The ad was pulled shortly after release – lesson learned!
  2. Dove created a Facebook with 2 different women taking of a t-shirt, each matching their skin tone. Quite rightly this struck a chord with much of the ad’s audience, resulting in the company repealing this advert and apologising.
  3. Uber have had their fair share of bad news in 2017. With accusations of workplace harassment we hope they will turn over a new leaf in 2018.


Creating a successful marketing campaign is no easy thing and mistakes can be made. That’s why The Zoom Agency is keen to work with you brand, no matter how big or small, to allow your brand’s incredible reputation to spread as far and wide as possible.

Contact us today and let’s make 2018 great.

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