Zoom client Leuchtturm1917 goes from 0 to 100K followers real quick

Leuchtturm1917 Instagram

Leuchtturm1917 has just broken the 100K follower barrier, coming from behind and beating out the competition who sat on 99.4K as we crossed the milestone. On the 100th year of being in business, Leuchtturm1917 has now reached 100,000 followers on Instagram, a momentous occasion for stationery fans, bujo lovers the world over, as well as us here at The Zoom Agency who are overjoyed and immensely proud to have reached this point.

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As we rejoice and celebrate this achievement, keep a close eye out on the Instagram page for updates and maybe even a small surprise 😉.

Leuchtturm1917 was founded in 1917 and has been producing quality notebooks and stationery for 100 years. Dedicated in delivery supreme and unparalleled notebooks of all types, Leuchtturm1917 is a true market leader and visionary. 

In fact, the company has not always been a notebook pioneer. From the 1960’s Leuchtturm1917 became the world’s leading supplier of postage stamp and coin albums. However, after coming under new management in the 1990’s, Leuchtturm1917 was back to producing top quality notebooks.

Detail, detail and more detail. This is the underlying magic behind these notebooks. All Leuchtturm1917 items unite the belief that success stems from quality and well thought-out detailed solutions. And to prove how worthy these products are; today, Leuchtturm1917 is sold in more than 50 countries.

2017 brings on new challenges for the company, however, more importantly new and innovative Leuchtturm1917 products. For example the new Sand hue and beautiful Nordic Blue notebooks have just hit the shelves. And if one colour wasn’t enough, the new Anthracite and Light Blue Bi-Colore notebook is sure to please all Leuchtturm1917 fans.

After close collaboration with this brand, The Zoom Agency has managed to gain a passionate and loyal community following. Leuchtturm1917 followers are bold and beautiful and inspire us each day with their incredible artworks. 

Just like Leuchtturm1917, we take pride in the details and create digital journeys for your future consumers. We create awareness and build trust in your brand.

Today is a celebration. Happy sketching, Leuchtturm1917 Lovers!!

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